Princettia® Pearl
Our Princettia® Pearl has a luscious look. She is softer looking than the truly white varieties and therefore perfectly suited for cozy interiors. The pinkish veins give her a warm, wintery feel and subtly hint to the holiday season. Princettia® Pearl is compact, early blooming and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Her bracts grow in a perfect dome due to good branching. An enchanting variety that will suit every space.


General information on Princettia®
Height: 15-30 centimetres
Spread: 15-30 centimetres
Retail season: Autumn
Available colours: Pure White, Pearl White, Pink, Hot Pink, Ultra Pink, Dark Pink, Indian Red, Multi Dark Pink, Midi Hot Pink
Vigour: Compact
Earliness: Early
Usage: Container gardens, landscapes, pots, indoors or outdoors

Princettia® is an exciting new series from MNP featuring naturally compact Poinsettia (Euphorbia or commonly known as Christmas star). Princettia is known for her excellent branching, compact growing habits and stunning colours. Discover the entire collection of compact, colourful and carefree Princettia®!