Princettia® is an exciting new series from MNP / Suntory featuring naturally compact Poinsettia (Euphorbia or commonly known as Christmas star). Princettia is known for her excellent branching, compact growing habits and stunning colours. With a compact to medium growth habit, Princettia® does not need growth retardants and has an excellent shelf life. Discover the entire collection of compact, colourful and carefree Princettia®!

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Pure White

Princettia® Pure White was the first truly white poinsettia plant. Earlier white varieties still had a pinkish hue because of their coloured veins, like our Princettia® Pearl. The veins of Princettia® Pure White however are green, which give her a fresh, cool and modern look. The popping white stunningly contrasts with the dark foliage of the plant. She’s compact, early blooming and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A real eye-catcher and a ground-breaking variety in the world of Poinsettia. 

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Princettia® Pearl
Our Princettia® Pearl has a luscious look. She is softer looking than the truly white varieties and therefore perfectly suited for cozy interiors. The pinkish veins give her a warm, wintery feel and subtly hint to the holiday season. Princettia® Pearl is compact, early blooming and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Her bracts grow in a perfect dome due to good branching. An enchanting variety that will suit every space.

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This stunning Princettia® pink variety is a special one. Originally all Poinsettia were red, but then this truly pink princess conquered the European market. Princettia® Pink is your partner in crime to fight off those winter blues. Princettia® Pink has the most happy and bubbly appearance. We don’t mind being reminded of sunny summer days during the darker autumn season.

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Hot Pink

Ai, Ai, Ai. You can’t go around Princettia® Hot Pink. She is anything but traditional and a plant that will pop where ever you put her. Princettia® Hot Pink gives us all the warm feelings. With her compact growth, good branching, early blooming and user friendliness, she makes for the perfect gift.

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Dark Pink

If you thought the colour of pink Poinsettia varieties couldn’t get more intense, you were wrong. Almost like she knows ‘star’ is in her nickname, Princettia® Dark Pink demands admiration. It’s easy to comply as we keep wondering how nature provides such bright colours.

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Indian Red

Imagine a whole family of red Poinsettias. We can tell you, Princettia® would be that bohemian, free-spirited and always-fun-to-hang-out-with cousin. Princettia® Indian Red is softer coloured than your average red Poinsettia, with a more pink undertone. Which extends her use beyond the holiday season.

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Midi Hot Pink

The fun of having Pink varieties is that the use of Poinsettia finally extends beyond the holiday season. She’s just an autumn must-have really and easy to style either traditionally or in a really modern way. Princettia® Midi Hot Pink is a slightly different from Hot Pink and Dark Pink, but just as stunning.

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