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Hi grower! Are you interested or are you currently growing Princettia®? Great! Below you can find all the information you will want to know when growing Princettia®. Discover our partners and the availability of certified clean material for young plants here.

Princettia® is a short-day plant; the plant will only flower if the nighttime is longer than 13 hours. Princettia® need complete darkness in order for their colour to ripen. During the Autumn season, the nighttime is long enough to grow Princettia® naturally according to their light / night needs. At a greenhouse that can be completely darkened by shutters, Princettia® can be grown earlier. It can take 8-12 weeks for a Princettia to fully flower and develop its colours.

General information on Princettia®
Height: 15-30 centimetres
Spread: 15-30 centimetres
Season: Autumn, Winter
Available colours: Pure White, Max White, Pearl White, Pink, Hot Pink, Ultra Pink, Dark Pink, Indian Red, Multi Dark Pink, Midi Hot Pink
Vigour: Compact
Earliness: Early, but obviously depends on your average 24 temperature (the higher, the faster), the potting date and the pot size.
Usage: Container gardens, landscapes, pots, indoors or outdoors
Potting: Princettia® can be grown in quite small pots as they grow naturally compact. 10-12 cm pots are ideal, but larger pot sizes are possible as well.

Growers timeline
Potting: August-September
Rooting: The higher the temperature, the quicker the roots will grow out of the plug. An already pinched an branched plug can give an advantage in the speed of finishing the product as well in plant quality.
1st pinching: 2 weeks after potting
2nd pinching: Not necessary
Finishing time: 12 to 15 weeks
Harvest: End of October, November
Grower culture:
Media: Well-drained, peat/perlite mix
pH: 5.5 to 6.0
Fertilization: Medium | 250ppm | Feed at an EC of 1.8 mS. Use a well-balanced mixture containing all necessary nutrients. Watch out for magnesium deficiency, which can be visible on the older/lower leaves.
Light: Moderate (see specifics)
Water: Moist to moist. We recommend to water close to the soil to avoid spots.
Air humidity (RH): Make sure that there is sufficient ventilation in your greenhouse, especially when you are growing at lower temperatures.

Growing temperature night: 27C to 28C
Growing temperature day: 21C to 22C
Temperature: The first two weeks, directly after potting, the ideal temperature is slightly higher around 19 to 20oC. This will cause the roots to grow out of the plug quicker. After that, maintain a growing temperature of 18-20oC (or possibly lower). Excessive temperatures in shaded greenhouses (for example during summer) can have an adverse effect on quality. Excessive temperatures can impair the quality of the plants in any case. Lower temperatures may delays the flowering and extends the cultivation period. Obviously, cold can be harmful.
Pinching: Princettia® varieties branch freely. In smaller container sizes, pinching is not a requirement. However, in larger containers (6 or 6.5 inch) pinching will produce a fuller plant. Consider using Cycocel after the pinch or the Florel sandwich technique before and after pinch to enhance uniform branching. If Cycocel or Florel are used, monitor height closely after the application. This may be the only time plant growth regulators are needed throughout production.
PGR: All Princettia® varieties are naturally compact and mounding. Maintain adequate space to achieve this form. Minimal to no PGR is required. Growers can use Cycocel post pinch to even things up. PGR sprays and drenches are recommended. We have found success with Cycocel at 750-1250 ppm.
– Greenhouse whitefly
– Silverleaf
– Tobacco whitefly
– Thrips
– Cyclamen mite
– Spider mite
– Etc.
Crop diseases:
– Botrytis can be a risk near or at harvest, especially on very ripe plants postharvest. To prevent this, you can make sure that the air is dry enough.
– Pythium root rot can be a risk, we recommend using black pots for better root development.
– Rhizopus
– Rhizoctonia root rot. Allow the growing medium to dry out, water from below.
– Xanthomonas
– Erwinia

Growth Regulating
– Princettia® is naturally compact.
– Regulate the given water amount.
– Pinch once and cut back deep and around the pot edge.
– You can use a negative DIF.
– Princettia® can be grown without the use of plant growth regulators. If regulation is needed however, use Cycocel (0.5 cc/l)
– Give plants enough space and keep the environment dry.
‘The information provided on this page is given with our best and present knowledge, MNP cannot take any responsibility for the use or misuse of the above given information.’ Enjoy growing Princettia®!

Let’s be partners!
Want to grow Princettia?® You can either check our partners and the availability of cuttings here or we could help you to get in touch with our growers and happily act as your partner. Contact us at hello@mnpflowers.com. Come over for a cup of coffee and we can discuss your wishes. We’d also love to show you the rest of our collection of innovative summerplants.

Already growing Princettia®?
We’d love to hear your stories! Are you happy? Are your customers happy? Let us know! MNP loves to provide you or your customers with free POS materials, imagery, labels or even campaign ideas. Feel free to come over for a cup of coffee or contact us at hello@mnpflowers.com

Lastly, we always love to receive photos from you! We are working hard on our Social Media and online presence and would love to show where Princettia® comes from: our growers. Do you have beautiful images of your greenhouse and grow process and would you like to share those with us? Send your photos in high-resolution to Hello@mnpflowers.com

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Indian Red

Imagine a whole family of red Poinsettias. We can tell you, Princettia® would be that bohemian, free-spirited and always-fun-to-hang-out-with cousin. Princettia® Indian Red is softer coloured than your average red Poinsettia, with a more pink undertone. Which extends her use beyond the holiday season.

Dark Pink

If you thought the colour of pink Poinsettia varieties couldn’t get more intense, you were wrong. Almost like she knows ‘star’ is in her nickname, Princettia® Dark Pink demands admiration. It’s easy to comply as we keep wondering how nature provides such bright colours.

Ultra Pink

Princettia Euphorbia (Poinsettia) is the most beautiful jewel imaginable and available for every living-room. Give these spectacular pink gems and white pearls a special place in your home and enjoy their stunning looks. Princettia is a new style of Poinsettia (Christmas Star), with a compact growth habit and strong branching. This makes it an easy plant, which everyone can manage! Grow Princettia in borders or pots in your garden, or on your balcony, and enjoy these pink and white stars until the first frosts of autumn.

Princettia is perfect as a gift and can even be used for landscaping in mild climates. It creates instant ambiance.

Hot Pink

Ai, Ai, Ai. You can’t go around Princettia® Hot Pink. She is anything but traditional and a plant that will pop where ever you put her. Princettia® Hot Pink gives us all the warm feelings. With her compact growth, good branching, early blooming and user friendliness, she makes for the perfect gift.


This stunning Princettia® pink variety is a special one. Originally all Poinsettia were red, but then this truly pink princess conquered the European market. Princettia® Pink is your partner in crime to fight off those winter blues. Princettia® Pink has the most happy and bubbly appearance. We don’t mind being reminded of sunny summer days during the darker autumn season.


Princettia® Pearl
Our Princettia® Pearl has a luscious look. She is softer looking than the truly white varieties and therefore perfectly suited for cozy interiors. The pinkish veins give her a warm, wintery feel and subtly hint to the holiday season. Princettia® Pearl is compact, early blooming and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Her bracts grow in a perfect dome due to good branching. An enchanting variety that will suit every space.

Pure White

Princettia® Pure White was the first truly white poinsettia plant. Earlier white varieties still had a pinkish hue because of their coloured veins, like our Princettia® Pearl. The veins of Princettia® Pure White however are green, which give her a fresh, cool and modern look. The popping white stunningly contrasts with the dark foliage of the plant. She’s compact, early blooming and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A real eye-catcher and a ground-breaking variety in the world of Poinsettia. 

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PRINCETTIA® | Instant Ambiance | Logo-02


Midi Hot Pink

The fun of having Pink varieties is that the use of Poinsettia finally extends beyond the holiday season. She’s just an autumn must-have really and easy to style either traditionally or in a really modern way. Princettia® Midi Hot Pink is a slightly different from Hot Pink and Dark Pink, but just as stunning.

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Princettia®'s are mostly available in (online) stores from early September till late January.
(are you also an Princettia® seller and do you want to be published on this list, just sent an email to e.giezen@mnpflowers.com)
PRINCETTIA® | Instant Ambiance | Logo-03


Princettia®'s are mostly available in (online) stores from early September till late January.
(are you also an Princettia® seller and do you want to be published on this list, just sent an email to e.giezen@mnpflowers.com)